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Robin creates the Teen Titans Awards in an effort to get his teammates to clean up the tower. When Starfire expresses her intense and close affection only to a cat, Robin realizes that the only way Starfire will ever love him is if he turns into a cat. Chad Quandt and Aaron Waltke Storyboard by: Doom Scooby-Doo! Retrieved from " https:

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Beast Boy travels back to the theme park where he hung out with Terra on their last get-together and where they fought Slade two times during the episode.

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List of Teen Titans episodes

Now the four remaining Titans plus an embittered Slade must stop Trigon and his minions. Trouble in Tokyo Bah, Humduck! At first Robin doesn't believe this, but when it's true, Robin admits he's wrong. Rob Lilly and Mike Nordstrom. Adam Stein Storyboard by:

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