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Psychol Rev ; A consistent pattern in all three countries is the marked trend related to birth order and the influence of the sex of the preceding child. Population and Family Planning ; High reported SRBs can result from female infanticide and underregistration of female births. This article has been peer reviewed. Kitchen Party 5 min 1. Popul Bull UN ;

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These men will be unable to marry, in societies where marriage is regarded as virtually universal, and where social status and acceptance depend, in large part, on being married and creating a new family.

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High reported SRBs can result from female infanticide and underregistration of female births. But this signals a considerable relaxation in the previously strictly applied one-child rule in urban areas. Consequences of high sex ratios Prenatal determination of sex became accessible only in the mids, and later than that in rural areas; therefore, the large cohorts of surplus young men have only now started to reach reproductive age. Sons are preferred because they have a higher wage-earning capacity especially in agrarian economiesthey continue the family line and they usually take responsibility for care of parents in illness and old age. A surplus of men, a deficit of peace. Because of this, the consequences of this male surplus in the reproductive age group are still largely speculative. In urban areas these traditions of inheritance have broken down and gender discrimination has decreased.

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